Sunday, February 22, 2009

Puck Ewe!

Sometimes I forget that I haven't known Tony and Melanie my entire life. We have shared our childhood stories so effortlessly, that I often feel like I was there when they rode the bus to school, when Melanie and Andria started showing sheep, and of course when Tony and Melanie fell in love. I just feel like I have been there the whole time, which is why yesterday - when Trevor and I got to go to The Maxwell's for the first time - everything came full circle. It's amazing how seeing and experiencing where your best friends grew up can make you understand why you love them so much. I got to hold a baby lamb and listen as its mother called for it to come back. I got to watch Tony and Melanie help Papa Ike milk a mama sheep and then tube feed its babies. I got to flip through a scrapbook of family photos while drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate. It was wonderful, and I, for one, am going back to get myself a baby sheep.

We ended our evening by going to the hockey game with Alissa and Kelsey. Between the beer and the Huck-A-Puck, a good time was had by all. Who knew that men on skates could inspire such enthusiasm?


Mimi said...

I hate the picture of me but I LOVE the picture of Trevor. I don't think I could even pretend to drink that. I loved the title btw. You are the bestest!

D's Mix said...

Everyone made fun of me growing up when they found out I sang to the cows in the morning at the bus stop, and sang the baby goats and sheep to sleep at night to Whitney Houston, but maybe you can understand now why I loved them so much.