Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"The cat bit my toe!"

I can't seem to convince my husband that the cad did NOT bite his toe during his sleep. Here's the thing - when Trevor woke up yesterday morning to let the dogs out, both cats were outside, patiently waiting by the back door to be let inside. Nonetheless, Trevor sincerely believes that one of the cats bit his toe in the middle of the night, and he believes he has the bitemark to prove it. Let me replay our conversation last night for you...

Trevor: The cat bit my toe last night.

Sara: Trevor, that's impossible. Both of the cats were outside last night.

Trevor: No, the cat bit my toe. I swear, the cats were in bed with you when you went to bed.

Sara: Trevor, are you implying that one of us woke up in the middle of the night and let the cats outside, and yet neither one of us remembers doing that?

Trevor: I don't know.

Sara: Baby, the cat didn't bite your toe. There were no cats in our bed last night.

Trevor: The cat bit my toe! I have the bitemark to prove it! (Trevor pulls off his sock and points to a red bump on his large toe.)

Sara: (Looks closely at the red bump...) Sweetheart, that's a bug bite. The cat did not bite your toe.

Trevor: The cat bit my toe.

So, despite all of the evidence, my cat (and I am pretty sure he is blaming Olive) bit Trevor's toe. Just comes to show you that when you need for someting to be true, it becomes true. But I will have the last word on this one...The freakin' cat did NOT bite your toe!


Angela said...

Are you sure it wasn't you who bit his toe?

D's Mix said...

To follow what Angela said, you do have a history of things like that.

PRP said...

Um, gross.

Men are delusional when they sleep, that's all there is to it.