Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deep Thoughts from High School Students, Entry 1:

It really is unbelievable the things that come out of teenagers' mouths. In fact, I should probably have an entire blog dedicated to the things that come out of teenagers' mouths, but I've got to draw a line somewhere.

Today, however, a student in my WASL group inspired me to begin this series...yes, that means I am committing to sharing with the world the amazing things that come out of teenagers' mouths. This is Entry 1, and it goes a little something like this:

Teacher (who shall remain nameless because he was just my WASL partner and nothing else): Have you heard of that family with 18 kids that has a T.V. show?

Me: I HATE that show! Those people freak me out! Although, I did watch the one show where their oldest son got married and I must admit, it was fascinating.

Teacher: Yeah, yeah!!! Did you know that that kid and his wife are expecting their first baby?

Me: Surprise, surprise.

Enter in Student (who has been listening to our conversation): How many kids do they have?

Me: 18. And their oldest is getting ready to have a baby.

Student: 18???

Me: Yes, 18.

And here comes the good part...

Student: My God! It's a vagina, not a circus car!

Me: Mouth drops to floor...SILENCE. After all, what left is there to say?

The thing is, I'm not quite sure I could have said it better myself.


Mimi said...

Ha! I laughed again after reading this even though I knew how it ended! Teenagers are the best. How could anyone have Ephebiphobia!

I have added that as my word of the day. That list is filed in the same drawer as my sayings of the day (get your a$@ off the ship)

babybuddhalover said...

Keep the high school quotes coming! You are inspiring me to start sharing some of the quotes my dementia folks say.... people are hilarious!.

D's Mix said...

You must be a special type of teacher in order for a student to say that in front of you. I always love a story with a good quote in it. Post some more!

Angela said...

You may not have been able to put it better, but I am sure you could have said it better- pretty much because I can just HEAR your voice and your expression when I read the quote. Des is right- it takes a special teacher for a student to feel that comfortable and unfiltered- but then, we knew you were great :)

PRP said...

I think I just peed a little....that is CLASSIC. And right on target, if you ask me...!