Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A sign???

This is what happens when you hop in the shower for a quick rinse and your dog discovers your basal thermometer that fell under your bed just this very morning. I decided I had two choices: 

#1 - Kill the dog. 

#2 - Take a picture and write a post on my blog.

You can see which decision I made and I'm still not quite sure it was the right one. Okay, okay, I'm overreacting. After all, it's not the dog's fault that the thermometer was under the bed to begin with, and there is also the small little detail that I can always go buy a new thermometer while I'm pretty sure I can't go find a new Moo.

Still, I can't help but wonder whether or not this is some sort of sign that I'm supposed to stop trying to "bake a little bun in my little oven (yes, I chose the word "little" to make myself feel better). We've been trying for 11 months now - 11 MONTHS, PEOPLE, and if you can't tell, I'm about to freakin' LOSE it! I suppose that, yet again, there are really only two choices:

#1 - Close the "bakery" down.

#2 - Go purchase new "baking" utensils.

This analogy is getting out of hand...Fred Meyer's here I come.


Mimi said...

Oh Sara! Moo is lucky you didn't hand him his walking papers, but I can see why you didn't, he is just too cute. As I have said, you will have the children you are meant to have. There are no signs, just dogs to spoil for the time being.

Bella Mente said...

:) i cant wait for babies!! i cant have them right now.. so you have them and then i can babysit them and get my baby craving fix for a day ;)

im sooo happy for you and trevor.. you two are just so happy and full of love all the time.. even though i dont see you all the time.. but just looking at you two and melanie and tony.. you guys are wonderful examples of what true love is :) and yes there were NO SIGNS!! baby will come before you know it :)

Bella Mente said...

ps.. i think if there is a sign.. its that the dogs are jealous of what new is to come ;) haha the dogs wont be the babies anymore!!

Cathy said...

Sara - I've been having issues posting this comment, so hopefully it will only show up once. Anyhoo - I just wanted to say that whether your babies are baked in your own oven, or you adopt babies someday, your children will be very lucky and blessed to have such wonderful parents!