Thursday, March 15, 2012

21 Run

Today my baby boy turns 21 - a whopping 21-months-old.

Trevor suggested we take him on a 21 Run to celebrate.A 21 Run suitable for a 21-month-old, that is. I'm not sure what that means, but I kabashed the idea anyway. I know aaallllll about 21 Runs and my boys won't be having any of those. No way, Jose. Over my dead body.

I've "heard" that on some 21 Runs, some people like to drink a lot of alcoholic beverages along side future besties, and then break it down on the dance floor with some random guy (who might go by the name of Jesse), and then maybe even make out with said random guy on the back of a bus - a bus sponsored by a bar to make sure all the college students get home safe.

But I digress...

In short, there will be no 21 Runs today. Instead, we celebrate our little man who is just three months away from turning two, which makes me want to just hit the time-out button. I'd like a full time-out, please.

Just so I don't someday forget what 21-months Nico-licious style looks like and sounds like, here are a few highlights of all things Nico:

**"No" is the answer to everything. EVERYTHING. Even, "Hey Buggy, you want a cookie?" The answer is "No." And then he screams until you give him a cookie.

**Getting a diaper changed has become almost as stressful as talking someone down from a ledge. Can someone please explain to me why he would rather walk around in his own poop then lay down for 10 seconds to get a freshy? Come on, people!

**Airplanes, choo choos, balls, and anything do with music or the outdoors make his world go round. Running, hopping, climbing, dancing - and maybe some biting, hitting, and kicking, too - all add up to non-stop action. There's a reason he is still such a skinny minny.

**"Elmo's Singing with the Stars" has become an addiction. "Elmo, Elmo, Elmo" are words we hear often around here. The kid needs an intervention.

**Counting to 10 is so, so close, and we count everything. EVERYTHING. I am afraid I am creating the next Rain Man. We haven't started counting toothpicks yet, but we count the stairs, we count pictures in books, we count just because we can.

**And there are soooooo many words coming out of our little man. "Good Morning, Noah," "I love you," "and See ya" happen to be my favorites.

Somehow and someway,our boy continues to be joy personified. Is it even possible to love him MORE and MORE and MORE?

Happy 21st, baby boy. You can stay little for a little while longer, k?

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Melanie said...

The title of this scared me a little. Happy 21st month to my little Nicolicious! Totally possible and extremely probable that we all will love him MORE and MORE and MORE the MORE he becomes him...which likely doesn't make sense to anyone but you.