Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back to the Beach

Last year it was the Atlantic. This year it was the Pacific.
The Pacific - mixed with months of anticipation, dear friends who would be arriving the next day, and a really, really long drive that the boys rocked like champs - all led to this...

Joy to mark the end of the school year.
Joy to carry us through five glorious days at the Oregon Coast.

And celebration. Celebration of a friendship that seemed to fall from the heavens a little over three years ago, just in time to welcome the babies that would be joining us shortly thereafter, literally one after the other.
Four babies. FOUR baby boys. One after the other.

And since three of those babies came in June, we celebrated.
There was a 1, a 2 and a 3...

 ...and a 2 1/2, of course.

So we hit the beach in style.

And spent some quality time together.

This one ate sand like it was his job.

These two romped and reeked havoc like Bonnie and Clyde.

And this one spontaneously combusted around Day 3.

 Day 3 looked like this for Noah...

...and like this for Nico.

Shall I say more?
But we pushed forward to Day 4 for a little visit to the aquarium.

There were otters,

and sharks.

Lots and lots of sharks.

And while there was more spontaneous combustion to be had, by the time evening arrived, we pepped up for a bon fire and S'mores.

We spent our final morning on the beach, digging in the sand,

flying kites,

and chasing waves.

All while this one continued his combustion. Lots and lots of combustion.

And yet, we would do it all again in a heartbeat.

'Cause it was fun. Really, really fun.
And this is the stuff that life is made of.

The stuff that matters in the end.

Family, and friends, and a crap load of memories. 
And I say CHEERS to that.

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Cathy said...

what a great time!