Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Today Delia Consuelo Piquero Gonzalez turns 62, and in so doing accomplishes a number of things. For example, as Trevor pointed out this morning - as only Trevor could do - she is no longer a prime number. Or, as my mother herself has been pointing out for the last month, in turning 62 she now has met the qualifications to retire AND collect Social Security. I, for one, think one of her most amazing accomplishments thus far is her uncanny ability to look, at most, 50. It is my mother's 62-year-long story, however, that earns her the most kudos. You see, my mother is the strongest person I know. From coming to this country at 15 without her parents to raising her three children virtually by herself, my mother is the epitome of a survivor. So, mom, here's to you! You have lived your life with integrity, with grace, and with one hell of a sense of humor. You are my hero and my best friend. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you! I love you bigger, bigger than all the mountains!

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