Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Festivities...

I don't know where September has gone. With the start of the school year, life has seemed like a blur. It's been a good blur, but a blur nonetheless. Here are some of our highlights...

We were able to enjoy the annual Sausage Fest, which we look forward to every year. Along with my mom, Tony, Melanie and the kids, we ate way too much food and then partook in a riveting round of kid games. Our suckers from the Lollipop Tree were truly enjoyed.

We then were visited by Nate and Maya, who came all the way from Saint John, Virgin Islands to visit family and friends in the Northwest. Because we qualify as friends, we were lucky enough to be included in their grand tour. We enjoyed showing them around a couple of our local wineries.
Then it was off to Seattle, where I got to spend some fantastic cuddle time with Wyatt. I love him.
We also were able to catch one of Ana's soccer games, and let me just say for the record, it is quite apparent she has inherited the athletic genes. You know, the genes that decided to skip over me. She scored four goals and knocked down every five-year-old in sight. We were definitely a proud aunt and uncle.
And, of course, we celebrated her 6th birthday. 6!!!! Unbelievable! It seems like only yesterday...
So there you have it...September in a nut shell. It's no wonder fall is always my favorite time of year.

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