Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two weeks in paradise...

I have been thinking about writing this blog since we got back on Saturday. I am not entirely sure how to capture our trip to Puerto Rico, St. John, and St. Thomas in words and pictures, as I'm not quite sure either can do our trip justice. But I figure it's time I stop stalling and give this a go. 

Our adventure began at Isla Verde Beach, where we floated, paddled and swam for hours on end. I also screamed bloody murder when Trevor discovered a baby crab sitting in my hair. I was not happy. I am pretty sure, though, that Trevor could not have been more pleased.

We also enjoyed piraguas (a.k.a. snow cones). Let me just say that I consider myself an expert on snow cones and shaved ice, and there is truly no place on the planet that makes a snow cone like Puerto Rico does. The ice is shaved by hand and DRENCHED in the syrup of your choice. These really should win some worldwide culinary award.

We also visited El Morro, and old Spanish fortress that sits just outside of Old San Juan. Trevor sat on balls (because I made him), and I straddled a canon (because I wanted to), but because I write this blog, the only picture you will see is the one of Trevor sitting on balls.

I snapped this photo of my dad and Trevor at El Morro and I love it. It makes me happy.

Trevor found a girlfriend at our second hotel...Pica the big-ass bird. She was obsessed with him and followed him up and down the stairs and insisted on sitting on his arm. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. Isn't that how the other woman always acts?

We had a wonderful time spending our evenings with my family. Trevor met my grandmother, my aunt, and my cousins, and let me just say for the record that they were FASCINATED with my husband. Apparently a white boy who eats anything in front of him is enough to win over an entire Cuban brood. He is now affectionately known as "El Americano," and I am pretty sure Trevor has now helped to bridge the cultural gap for white people everywhere.

We then rode a ferry to St. John to visit friends of Trevor from college. The ferry ride was amazing and much needed after the 40-minute flight in a prop plane to St. Thomas almost had me puking my guts out.

While in St. John, this is what you can expect to see - 1) humping donkeys on the side of the road, 

2) spectacular views no matter where you go, 

and 3) turquoise beaches galore.

We went to St. John to visit Maya, one of Trevor's close friends from college. She took us snorkeling at several spectacular beaches and so we snorkeled for hours. We saw a stingray feeding (amazing but scary), a little crew of reef squid (I swear they stare at you), and an incredible array of fish that come in an incredible array of colors. Maya also fed us like kings and queens every night and never once poked fun of us for having to move to a hotel because we were dying without air conditioning. I love her.

Our last day in St. John we went sailing around the island with some friends of Maya. Now Trevor wants a sailboat (thank you Tony for already getting one). I must admit, though, that sailing is amazingly fun and relaxing, especially if you are the one who just has to sit there and enjoy the ride, which is exactly what I did.

We spent our last day of vacation in St. Thomas, at which point we were so exhausted we went to the beach and once again floated, paddled, and swam for hours, which is exactly how one should bid farewell to the Caribbean. Farewell, my Caribbean! Until next time ... and there will be a next time.


Melanie said...

You two are gorgeous! We miss you!

Dianna said...

Quite a different post than the phone calls we got while you were there. Glad to know you have fond memories. You may thank me daily for being your personal, on-call travel agent. :) Miss you, but see you SOON!!!

Mimi said...

I have been waiting and waiting for this post!!! My stupid blog didn't update so I didn't know it was here!!!

I love the picture of your dad and Trevor.

I love the story of the freaky fish staring at you.

I love the turquoise water and my two favorite love birds within.

I love that you took a picture of two donkeys getting-it-on, but I am not sure I love looking at it.

I love the pictures on the sailboat and the fact that Trevor can be Tony's partner and we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

And I love that you had the chance to relax (at least while there was air conditioning :)