Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts on Finals Day 1...

  • Peanuts covered in maple glaze sometimes just hit the spot
  • Telling 14-year-olds they can't talk until all the tests are turned in NEVER works...even if donuts are involved
  • Politicians suck
  • Politicians who preach about charter schools and merit-based pay for teachers suck the most
  • Sears sucks sometimes, like when they send you a broken treadmill that you paid a big chunk of money for and then won't return your emails or your phone calls
  • I really, really, really don't like pork chops
  • Sending money to Haiti just doesn't seem like enough
  • Suffering sucks
  • Brand new, sharpened pencils bring me joy
  • Tomorrow Melanikis turns the same age Jesus was when he was mom likes to point this out anytime someone turns 33
  • My mom is random, but she cooks a mean arroz con pollo
  • Speaking of random, I must remind myself to explain to my SET students certain American colloquialisms because ever since I told them they were "driving me nuts," they have been telling each other "Stop driving MY nuts"...not good
  • One final done today, two more to go


Mimi said...

Oh glazed peanuts, lists, 33 and sucky politicians. All of it makes me sigh. Some good, some bad but all very breathy! Speaking of random, did you like it when this morning I said was all prickled anyway? I have never had Delia's Arroz con Pollo but think that I should. And Haiti, what can I say? My heart breaks for our world.

PRP said...

I hate pork chops too. Yuck.

Love your randomness...

Melanie said...

I think Sears always sucks...but I love you!

D's Mix said...

This weekend there was a group of people on some random street in Portland with a large banner that read "Honk if you think our Governor is an idiot." I couldn't stop laughing. I even told Ben I could picture you leading a similar rally.