Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 Weeks

It has been two months since I have blogged. Blame it on him:

And now my darling boy is already 10 weeks old. 10 weeks means cooing and singing and smiling galore. It means the shaking and rattling of hands and feet, and the ever-so-close discovery of sucking a thumb. It means the following of voices and sounds and the throwing a bloody fit when having to sit all by himself in the back of the car. It means growing and growing and growing, so much so I wish it would just stop. It means the almost sleeping through the night and morning cuddles with mama in bed. God he smells good.

But perhaps most importantly it means complete and utter infatuation. I get absolutely nothing done during the day - which until he came I never understood - and I just stare and stare and kiss and kiss. He is the other love of my life and Trevor feels exactly the same way. This is love in its most purest of forms. I can honestly say that with him, I have never felt more unselfish in my whole life. That feels pretty damn good.

Tomorrow I go back to work, which means somebody else gets to do the staring and the kissing and the cuddling for a while, and I am not quite sure how I feel about that. I know I will be counting down the hours until I am with him again. I just hope he doesn't forget me. That freaks me out because, well, I am a freak of nature. He has brought that out in me.

I wish I could slow it all down and yet I cannot wait for all that is to come. To all those who told me it would come (especially YOU Melanikis), you were right. It was so worth the wait.


Bella Mente said...

I would love to meet this little bundle of joy sometime before time flies and he turns 5! :)

Mimi said...

oh my little smootchie smoothchie face! I love him. and you will be glad to know that I didn't cry reading it this time.

Give him a hoot hoot for me. He'll know what that means.