Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is how rumors get started...

It all begins with a "discovery." Leave it to my high school students to plot this out.

Today my yearbook students attended a yearbook workshop. While they hated every second of the presenter, they LOVED looking at yearbooks from other high schools all over the country. They looked and looked and looked, and here is what they found:

They are convinced this is my long, lost daughter. This is her senior picture. She attended some high school in Bothell and graduated last year. For the record, that means I would have been 14 when I had her. Those who knew me in high school would tell you this - NOT POSSIBLE.

But so convinced are my students that they have begun Facebook-stalking whoever this poor girl is. They are scaring me, and yet, I must admit, there is a bit of an uncanny resemblance.

You know how they say everyone has a twin in this world? Perhaps she is it. But daughter she is not, dear students. I don't even have one of those.

But I do have one of the other kind...

...isn't our resemblance uncanny too?

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Mimi said...

that is so freakin funny. i can't believe they are looking her up on fb. they are dedicated to this rumor. and yes, nico has your smile.