Friday, July 8, 2011

To my Noah...

Dear Noah,

It has taken me ten days to gather my thoughts about the day you entered the world and my heart doubled its size. Ten days ago, I held you in my arms for the very first time and I haven't wanted to put you down since. Just like your brother, you have me captivated. I am addicted already to you - to all of you.

You came into this world surrounded by immense love. Your papa was on one side, your aunt on the other, cheering both you and me on. Your grandma, in true fashion, held my head high, and your Melanie captured every single moment while yet again providing a calm that both you and I will forever fall back on. This is your starting line-up, my love, the ones who will always love you fiercely, completely, and unconditionally.

Your brother is in awe of you. At only 12 months old, he greets you every morning with an enormous smile and a "hi," and every time you cry (which is not very often)he looks for you and will not stop until he can see you are okay. He loves you so much he wants to eat you, which can be a bit of an issue. You made it very well known that you didn't appreciate him biting your foot. I cannot wait to see your relationship grow, and my hope is you always take care of each other and that you are more than just brothers - that you are each other's very best friends.

I also hope that your current peace and calm stay with you always, that you never doubt how deeply we love you, and that you never tire of me staring at you endlessly. You and your brother are our everything - you are our living and breathing dreams come true. I cannot wait to see all that you become.

I love you immensely...

Your mama

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Mimi said...

I thought I was done crying over that day! The fact that you used a sports metaphore is cracking me up. We love you, and Noah and Nico and Trevor so much! And couldn't be more happy for your family.