Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in Review

My sister left today and I can't stop crying.

I am completely cracked out on pregnancy hormones and I seriously can't stop crying. I had my sister and my niece here for a whole week, and while they just live in Seattle, I cannot remember the last time we have had a whole week together.

It was HEAVEN. Complete and total heaven. And let me be clear - this week was not easy.

First there was the projectile vomiting brought especially to us by our two-week-old. It started last Monday and ended with a four-hour stint at the hospital that included a very nice but really stupid blood lady trying to take blood from my infant son's arm and an ultrasound of his belly that thank goodness confirmed everything is okay with Mr. Noah anatomy-wise. Apparently we have another case of acid reflux, and as I stated with Nico not so long ago, I HATE acid reflux. I loathe it. I want it to go far, far away from here. The good news is that with a little medicine and some smaller feedings closer together, Noah has not projectile vomited in almost 72 hours. He is thankful and every crevice of my body that has now been officially covered in vomit is also thankful.

But that's not all. There was also the 4 a.m. change of Noah's diaper in which I accidentally knocked off the plastic ring placed on his hoo-hoo after his circumcision. Can you say "Kill me now"? Apparently I have not caused any permanent damage and I am happy to report that his hoo-hoo is currently looking mighty fine, but at 4 in the morning, I was a wreck.

For the record, feeling like your son is starving and his manly parts may forever be damaged and it is clearly all your fault is not real fun. Nope, not fun at all.

And then the Mister (a.k.a. Nico) officially threw his first full-blown temper tantrum, and Trevor and I just sat there and stared at him and at each other because we had not idea what to do. We are pretty sure it was a fit meant to express his displeasure at yet again gaining a couple more teeth (I loathe teething almost as much as I loathe acid reflux) and also his displeasure at having to share the limelight with his baby brother.

Here is some math I actually understand:

Projectile Vomit + Possible Deformed Hoo Hoo + First Temper Tantrum = GUILT

Just so I don't leave anything out, some neighborhood teenagers with clearly too much time on their hands and no imagination exploded firecrackers on our front doorstep on Thursday night and then egged our house on Friday night. With sleeping babies, I wanted to KILL PEOPLE. No joke. KILL. PEOPLE. Do not mess with women who have recently given birth.

In short, the events of the week were a bit hellish but having my sister here to process with and laugh with was pure heaven. This week reminded me that if Nico and Noah find in each other what I have found in my brother and sister, then I will know I have done my job well.

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MARISA said...

I won't blog stalk you and not leave a comment. This post is awesome and when I read it I hear your voice which made it even better! Isn't motherhood a TRIP! You're doing great. Love is what they need the most and you are doing that! Hope to see you soon. :) Marisa