Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm "Falling"...

...and I can't get back up.

Fall is indeed here.

The leaves are changing.

I am back to working.

My babies are growing, growing, growing.

I am still not sleeping.

And most days I find myself crying.

What is a woman to do???

Fall is a perfect reminder that everything does change. My three and a half months at home with the boys is done and I am not quite sure what to do with myself. Nico is a little boy full of opinions that are usually expressed by pointing and screaming. He takes after me. He is obsessed with birds, planes, choo-choos, dancing, reading books, and being outside. His vocabulary grows everyday and it melts my heart into tiny, tiny pieces when he walks around saying "Noah, Noah." I should probably not mention that slapping Noah on the head tends to be one of his favorite pasttimes, but we are working on acquiring the meaning of "gentle."

Noah is our rolly, polly ball of fuss. Again, he takes after me. The boy has our number and screams,well, most of the day...and night. And yet the moments when he is kicking those legs and flapping those arms and flashing that smile make the sleeplessness seem trivial. Despite the occasional pinch and bite from his older brother, he is mesmerized by him and watches and watches and watches everything he does. He is our Lunch Box, our Cheeks, our sweet baby boy.

Fall is here. The leaves are changing. My babies are growing.

Could it all just slow down a little, little bit?

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Mimi said...

great pictures! they are growing, that is for sure!!!