Thursday, April 19, 2012

This One

I understand that some day, posting this picture for all the world to see (which really means like five people) could potentially cause a tad bit of embarassment. Or maybe the word is anger. I am willing to take the risk, because this one -THIS ONE - just happens to be a bit opinionated and a bit strong-willed and a bit passionate. And no, he does not get that from me. I will deny it to your face.

THIS ONE has become obsessed with his jewels. Obsessed. So much so, that THIS ONE now sports a onesie under all of his clothes. This is not because I have an issue with his jewels obsession. This is because of what the obsession leads to, which is diapers that are all fumbled and jumbled and tumbled. You do the math. And this messy part of jewels-fondling, I indeed have an issue with.

I have been told time and time again that this is all normal. I know that. I really do. After all, I grew up with a brother who also had a propensity for such things. And now I live with a husband who might occassionally partake in such acitivites himself. I fundametally understand that boys - and men - like their jewels.

So as I gaze into the future of life with boys, I must remember this snapshot of THIS ONE, tongue depressor in mouth, checking to make sure that all that really matters is where he last left it.

And there it is.


D's Mix said...

Welcome to the club. Sometimes a picture really does just say it all.

Bella Mente said...

BEST. BLOG. POST. EVER. I thought my brother and Jake were the only ones... I am now proven wrong :) lol

Melanie said...

You can deny that he gets his opinionated self from you all you want, but I think we all know the truth to that one. I can't verify that he gets the jewel obsession from you, sounds like a man thing.