Saturday, October 20, 2012


I've been in a funk. I don't know if it's the typical "the weather has quickly changed and there is now no denying that summer has left us" funk, or the occassional "what happened to my life and who am I" sort of funk. Nonetheless, I have been funktified, and I realized it was time for a little reflection. A moment to look back on the past four months of all things Smith to regain some perspective.
 'Cause the thing is, I am living the very life I have fantasized about. That deserves a little shout out, if you know what I mean. These babies, this husband, our home, our family, and our friends - this is the stuff dreams are made of.  And the dream has played out big these last four months.
Summer began with a pool - in the backyard - that was mostly played in naked. Not us. Them. Hours and hours and hours in the pool.

And then there were birthdays to celebrate. The Big 1 and the Big 2, and I may or may not have teared up a bit while our closest family and friends sang Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby boys. I had said we were going to keep the shin-dig small, but I lied. There was nothing small about it.

My sister and family stayed for a whole week in July - BEST. WEEK. EVER. We joined our besties at the annual Fourth of July Parade then chowed done on Trevor's BBQ ribs and put on our very own mini-firework show.


And sometimes, we just hung out. Mama and her boys. Summer vacation ROCKS.
We joined the Smiths from the west side for a little Thomas the Train adventure. Nico and Noah literally enjoyed every minute of our train ride. Every minute. And while there is always chaos involved in the wrangling of four little boys, sometimes a little chaos does a body good.

We then boarded a plane a flew across the country, all in the name of the beach. The boys travelled like champions (minus the whole Nico-throwing-up-on-mom-twenty-minutes-before-landing episode). We joined my mom on her annual vacation to Long Boat Key with family. We swam and ate and swam and ate - a recipe for a perfect vacation. The boys played with cousins, grandma let us have a couple of date nights, and we visited a local aquarium where the sharks, manatees and sea turtles were the talk of the town. Family vacations rock my world.

And then we hung out some more. Because we could.

My brother came into town and we did a little partying at the County Fair. Noah rode a pony, Nico drove a firetruck, and we consumed corn dogs and elephant ears. It was perfection. 

Then it was time to celebrate mom's retirement. After 42 year of teaching, she packed up her classroom and began her well-deserved freedom. We threw a little surprise party, she cried and cried and cried, and we celebrated all things Delia, just as it should be.

And then school started, but I was in denial, so I hung to every chance to do things like have popsicles. Lots and lots of popsicles.
And we planted a tree. A brand new tree in our front yard to replace the dead one. Dirt and shovels are clearly a boy's best friend.

And then there was New Mexico just a couple of weeks ago. We packed up the boys, brought along grandma, and joined Oma, Opa, Great Grandma Jean, Gavin, Tiffany, Wyatt and Dillon to experience Albuquereque's Balloon Fiesta. There was Old Town...

...time with cousins...
...and BALLOONS. Magical, magical balloons! This was not an easy trip - boys didn't sleep well, plane rides were a bit of a disaster, and exhaustion was only met with a raging stomach flu as soon as we got home. But the BALLOONS! The balloons - thousands of them in the sky - and the boys' complete and total awe of them, made every second worth it.

 Look at this beautifully blessed life. This life of opportunities and experiences and memories. This life of family and friends and health and happiness.
Funk, be gone. There is so much to be thankful for.


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Melanie said...

I love, love, love those boys!!!
and I love seeing pictures of them.
and it makes me so happy that you share them.