Thursday, November 7, 2013


We have a daughter.
And we almost lost her.
In the last five days, I have been brought to my knees and humbled by the power of miracles. Because the thing is, she is still here, and that is indeed a miracle. Still, I pray for another one, and so  here I am, typing at my computer, praying for one more.
Late afternoon on Sunday, it became abundantly clear in a span of five seconds that something was wrong. That pressure I was feeling was my baby's sac, coming out. The terror I felt is indescribable, but I followed my instincts.
An ambulance ride later, Trevor and I were given devastating news. I was almost all the way dilated. There was very little cervix left. I was 22 1/2 weeks pregnant. Baby would probably not make it. But the doctor would try. We were given a 25% chance of success at the placement of an emergency cerclage. We took it.
I was put asleep and the surgery was performed. When I awoke, we were delivered our first miracle. The surgery went  remarkably well. The doctor was able to do the procedure with great success. Our chances of eventually delivering a healthy baby went to 80%.
It's a bit hard to fall to your knees when laying in a hospital bed in a recovery room, but in my mind and in my heart, I did. We were given a miracle. And I haven't stopped praying since.
The following morning, we had an ultrasound. Three - who was once announced as a he, is now most definitely a she.
We have a daughter. A daughter who is fighting to be here.
And I want to know her, with every fiber of my being.
So we wait. We wait for her to stay put, to grow, to arrive safely and healthily preferably in a few months time. But I understand that as I lay here on bed rest doing my part, the rest is in God's hands.
And so I pray for another miracle. The miracle to one day look my daughter in the eyes and say, "You have a way of making a point, my love."
I pray.


Just Me said...

Oh Sara! I am praying with you. I am keeping you and your family, including your daughter, in my mind and in my heart. Praying that you get that miracle.

Nattie said...

You and your daughter are in my thoughts. Rest. Read. And let that little bun bake. It sounds like she will be strong, tough, and a lot like her mama. <3 all my love

Becky Broghammer said...

Praying Sara! Love to you and your family! My heart is with you in all those feelings, I have been there and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Cajsa said...

John and I will keep you and your daughter in our prayers (and the rest of your family too😊)!!!

Maria Contrast said...

As I read this it takes me back to the time when I had my baby in the nicu.Because she was born 3 months early. I want to tell you that there's no limit to the power of God and I know that he will provide you with strength and comfort. Praying we will be.

Victoria Hyde said...

You know about my miracle daughter. Normally, I'd say I can't wait to meet yours, but this time, I think I'll say, "I'd be thrilled to wait, oh, 15 weeks or so to meet yours!"

Hugs and prayers!