Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Animal Farm

This is a shout out to Andria, the woman from the eastside. :) Your point has been made and you are right...I should have written this blog long ago. After all, what could be more important than my children? Nothing. Let me introduce you to my first born...

This is Norah. She came into my life about 3 years ago, and what an entrance she made.
I found her sitting in a cage all by herself at Pet Smart. Some crazy adoption lady was there
trying to find her a home. I'm not joking when I say this woman was crazy, and I think it may
have rubbed off on my poor little Norah because when I brought her home, she refused to eat...
for an entire week! With the help of Melanie, my animal rescuer, we tried to force chicken broth down her throat with a syringe. It didn't work. To make a long story short, the freakin' cat was diagnosed with anorexia. Apparantly my cat has body image issues. So, I removed all the
mirrors in my house and we have been happy ever since. Okay, not really. What I really had to do was warm up the damn cat's wet food in the microwave for 10 seconds so that she would actually eat it. Unbelievable, I know. Luckily I no longer am required to warm her food, but she still has very strange eating rituals, like attempting to "bury" her food to save it, except THERE'S NOTHING TO BURY IT WITH ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR!!!! She is insane, but we love her.

This one is my middle child, and she fits the stereotype. I should know because I am one too.

This is Olive, but we rarely call her by her real name. She is Ya-Ya, or da-Ya. I got her primarily to serve as a pet for Norah. I thought she needed some company, you see, so I said to myself, "I am going to go get a nice little tame kitten for Norah to play with," except it really didn't happen that way. I found her in the newspaper. The ad said something like "Free kitten" and so I went and got her. The poor baby was not in real good condition. She had mites in her ears and could not stop sneexing. In fact, she sneezed boogers all over Natalie on the way home. It was disgusting, yet hysterical. Somehow, someway, I end up with the sick cats. We got her some meds and in no time she became the cat we now know her to be - FREAKIN' CRAZY!!!!!!! She is obsessed with affection and insists on putting her paw on your face while she lays on top of you. Furthermore, she has no qualms about waking you up at 2 in the morning by pacing on you and purring fanatically until you move. I am pretty sure Trevor has chucked her from the bed several times and yet she still comes back for more. Unbelievable. She also has lost every collar and tag I have ever put on her and I am convinced that somewhere in someone's yard is a pile of all her collars. Apparently she wants to be free, not confined by anybody's shackles or labels. She is Ya-Ya the wonder cat, and that is that.

And last but not least there is the baby of the family, our only boy.

This is Powder Blue. Yes I know he is not white and I know he is not blue but Powder is his name and it is fitting because he LOVES the snow. He came into our lives about 7 months ago and we have truly laughed our asses off ever since. I desperately wanted a Corgi since I saw one in Portland last summer, so I did all my research and found a Corgi breeder in Benton City and off we went. He has been with us ever since. He loves to demolish stuffed toys by going for their plastic eye balls first. It's totally creepy but he loves it. He also enjoys spilling his water all over the house in one of two ways: 1) By dipping his entire snout in the water bowl and then running around the house to drip the excess water EVERYWHERE or 2) By stepping on the side of the bowl to cause an immediate flood. It's fabulous, really fabulous. In all seriousness, he truly is such an easy dog. His temperment is perfect and he loves to cuddle, which makes me very happy.

So there you have it. As much as I grumble about the cat hair everywhere and the stuffed animals stuffings flung all over my house, I adore my animals, my babies. They bring me such joy and are worth every little sacrfice, be it warming food in the micro, spending millions on collars, or watching my stuffed animals be obliterated into thin air. I love them deeply and truly am forever grateful for their company and affection.


Anaface said...

THANK YOU for posting about your four legged friends!!!

Mimi said...

What beautiful children you make. You are such a good mom to devote so much time to your childrens happiness.