Monday, June 30, 2008

We did it!!!

And what a day it was! My sister had told me that we would not have the wedding we planned, but we would have the wedding we would have, simple as that. I had no idea how true this would be. Despite the confusion over the gazebo, despite the thunder storm with rain and hail, the day could not have been more perfect. Our friends and family were incredible. In fact, they were the ones who made the day happen, from setting up to tearing down. Trevor and I have never felt more loved in our lives and furthermore, never knew we could love each other more than we did the day before. But we did and we do and we are incredibly excited for our future together. The wedding was truly just the beginning - I love this man and he loves this woman, and we are ready to take on the world, one day at a time. 


Mimi said...

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom! Now go! Get out of here! Finally go on your honeymoon already, would ya?

Mimi said...

Where are the pics of your greec-y adventure?????