Monday, November 24, 2008

Meet Michael...

This is Michael. Michael the frog. This is officially the second animal I have brought home from school, except this time the addition to our family is under entirely different circumstances. Those of you who have been in my classroom know that I have a HUGE frog collection on display - stuffed frogs, plastic frogs, glass frogs, wood frogs, pictures of frogs...frogs, frogs, frogs! I have been "threatened" for the last five years by students that they were going to bring me a real frog, to which I always responded, "That is the worst idea I have ever heard in my life." So today, Karina - a student I had for two years in a row but who is no longer in my class - walks into my rooms with her hands hidden behind her back. 

I say, "Karina, what is behind your back?" 

She says, "Nothing." 

I say, "Karina, you're scaring me. What's behind your back?" 

She places the baby formula can on my desk, lifts the hole-poked lid, and says, "Look what I got you!" 

What came out of my mouth next surprised me the most. 

I yell, "I LOVE HIM!!!" 

And now Michael - who is named after Michael Phelps the swimmer - is swimming in his new bowl in my dining room. 

Funny how the worst ideas actually end up being the best ideas...even funnier how sometimes it takes a teenager to make you realize this. :) 


Melanie said...

Sara, I love this about you -- Did you ever read the Miss Pigglewiggle books when you were a farm? Sometimes, you capture a little bit of her in your ability to turn any creature into a beloved pet.

Angela said...

You are insane! I love that you hav have a frog named Michael. Just don't let Miss Nora or Olive enjoy him too much!!!

babybuddhalover said...

You keep adopting acquiring little beings! That's it, I'm going to find you in the halls of your school and demand that you take me home and love me the way you love all your other family members! Your are such a LOVING person Sara. I wish we lived closer to each other. Happy early Turkey day and thanks for the comment about my Pumpkin. We are a package deal you know, so maybe we'll both have to come and see you soon!