Saturday, November 15, 2008

The proof is in the pudding...or the display board.

My entire future lies in the hands of this binder...

...and this display board.

Yes, that's right, my ENTIRE FUTURE!!! It doesn't matter that I have spent the last five years dedicated to "perfecting" my teaching craft by attending workshops and conferences, lesson planning until I can't even see straight, volunteering to chaperone dances, and most importantly of all, genuinely loving my students. No, unless my fabulous display board and binder full of crap can prove I am indeed capable of doing my job, I may not get my professional teaching certificate and I may be back to my high school days of flipping burgers and pouring ice cream at the local Dairy Queen. Sometimes I wonder about the ways of the world, but all in all, I am feeling pretty confident that on Monday, all will be approved and I will be done with this process. I just have to say, if my display board isn't given some sort of ribbon for at least participating, I am filing a complaint.

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Angela said...

That is one pretty big binder!