Friday, January 30, 2009

And now, 'Apio Verde' to me!!!

Let me explain what happens when you have decided you really don't want to celebrate your birthday (and yes, I am modeling this blog after Melanie's own birthday blog):

#1 - Nobody listens to you, which means that not celebrating your birthday is no longer a viable option. To prove this point, continue reading.
#2 - Your in-laws take you to a fantastic dinner of Greek food and give you a beautiful tote bag and a gift card to Barnes and Noble, which is essentially like giving crack to a crack addict.
#3 - Your mom writes you an email reminiscing about the day you were born, which she ends by saying "Lucky ME."
#4 - Your BFF shows up in your classroom with a cup of your favorite Chai, a beautiful daffodil plant, and the coolest birthday balloon I have ever seen.
#5 - You get phone calls, messages, text messages, and Facebook/MySpace comments ALL DAY from your favorite people in the world (i.e. mom, Lisa, David, Dianna, Tiffany, Gavin, Bonnie, Alissa, Megan, Chris, Bethany, Farouk, Brandon, Katy, Ryan, Des and the girls...I know I am missing people and THAT fact is unbelievably humbling and overwhelming).
#6 - One of your students shows up in the morning with another birthday balloon and a gift bag full of candy, lotions, bath gels, a gift card to Starbucks, and a note that says, "Don't feel sad about turning older. Feel happy because it just means you're moving closer to getting everything you want out of life."
#7 - Another student shows up after school and presents you with a birthday cake that looks a little something like this:

I know, I know. My beauty is really overwhelming.
#8 - And then you walk out to your van to go home, and you find this:

The morale of this story is this - when you say you don't want to celebrate your birthday, those who you love the most remind you why you have sooooo many reasons to celebrate yet another year. Funny how that happens. :)


Mimi said...

O-M-G!!! That picture is something else! Did you slice into right there in your classroom?
I wish I could apologize for not ignoring your birthday but I feel like the birth of my BFF is a day that should be memorialized! It should be like a national holiday or something. We should DEFINITLEY get the day off of school! Who wouldn't want to celebrate National Sara Gonzalez Smith day anyway??? Happy Birthday Sara ! ! !

PRP said...

Happy birthday! Brad and I were heading out on a date on Friday and I mentioned Anthony's and he said you and Trevor were there for your birthday....did you try the molten cakes??? YUM.

Hope your day was fantastic! Sounds like it was!