Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Apio Verde" to Yooooouuuuuuu!

Today is my best friend's birthday, and in honor of her birth on this day 32 years ago, I have written this poem:

Oh, how the last decade has flown by
Since we met in that dorm room
Oh so very high up 
In that crimson Pullman sky 

I was so unsure about Tony
And then I met you and said,
Inside of my little round head,
"I love her! She is no phony!"

And so our friendship began
And many memories were made
Like the good ol' Shermer's bus
And sleeping between you and your man

What we didn't know then
Was what the future had in store
For these two Pullman girls
Whose paths were to cross again

Somehow and someway
Our dinners turned from simple chit-chat
To the bearing of souls
And today there is nothing we will not say 

You have become more than a friend
You're a sister of sorts
In fact, there really is no word
That captures all you represent

What I do know for sure,
Is when people ask who I admire,
who I love, who I adore
I point at you and say, "Well, her."

"Apio Verde," my friend Melanie
Thank you for loving me and making me shine 
But MOST, MOST, MOST of all,
Thank you for making me your family


Mimi said...

Thank you Sara, for the poem, the chai, the dinner, the sweaters, the conversation and most of all for your friendship!

PRP said...

Um. you both look GORGEOUS in that picture. Seriously.

Happy Birthday Melanie! I'm sad I forgot the real day. Hope it was great and you were spoiled completely.