Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bow Down to the Sausage

A week ago today my family gathered for the annual Sausage Fest, and the reason I haven't blogged before now is because 1) school is taking up way too much of my time, 2) I continue to hack up a lung every few minutes, and 3) I subsequently have no energy left for anything. With that said, to not post about Sausage Fest would be sacreligious being that for the last 25 years of my life my entire family has gathered together to partake in the festivities. For the last 3 years, Trevor has graciously joined us.

This year my sister, brother, their spouses, my niece, and our friends Scott, Margaret and their boys all drove down from Seattle to do the following:

1) Partake in the rousing carnival games, including but not limited to "The Duck Pond," "Scat Cat," "The Lollipop Tree," and "Shooting Hoops," as seen below. Please note both my niece's and my sister's natural shot, yet neither of them made a shot. I, however, the one with no athletic ability, did, and came home with a coupon for a free McDonald's ice cream cone. Ah, sweet victory!!!

2) We played bingo. None of us won but we sure enjoyed giggling when "O 69" was called...every time.

3) Of course, we ate sausages. Please look closely at the kids' drawings below. I believe they capture the essence of Sausage Fest.

4) We watched the fabulous entertainment. Our favorites every year are the dance teams. Adam and Austin were completely mesmerized.

5) And lastly, we celebrated our family's September birthdays with a DQ ice cream cake.

Until, next year, my dear sausage. We will meet again.


Angela said...

A cookie dough topping icecream cake? That must be the 8th wonder of the world, or close to it!

Mimi said...

I have first hand knowledge of the coughing-up-of-lung episodes but what I don't understand is how you still look fantastic in pictures?!? I loved the kids posters, they really did capture the essence of Sausage Fest, unlike the graphic nature of Delia (uh-hem) eating the sausage... that brought on its own disturbing 'essence'.

PRP said...

Ok, I love that your family does this but the pictures of the sausages completely creep me out. Completely.

So sorry I missed you guys on Friday. Brad said it was a blast.