Friday, September 4, 2009

Where to begin...

Well, here I am. I have been absent for quite some time now and I figured I should try and forge a comeback. The thing is, I really am not sure where I am supposed to begin. I feel like there is so much - yet so little - that I really want to say.

The truth is, life is good. The proof is in the pudding:
  • We officially have a front yard AND a backyard with grass, and yes, this is an accomplishment.

  • The basement floor has been painted and trim has been put up in one of the two rooms. Once again, yes, this is an accomplishment.

  • Vacation has been taken, sun tans were made, food and drink was consumed, and fun was had.

  • School has begun, yet it feels like it never really ended. Nonetheless, one week is down, only 41 more to go. The thing is, 41 weeks sounds wonderful. This new high school is unbelievable. The facility is gorgeous, the leadership is honest, the staff is positive, and the kids are ready to go.

  • Family rocks. Our nephew Wyatt turned one last month and joyfully stuffed his face with cake. My brother and his wife are back in Seattle, hopefully for good this time. Our niece Ana started 1st grade on Wednesday and is beside herself with joy.

  • Friends rock too. Bonita Flanagita and Adam bought a home and moved out of our commune. Alex quickly moved in. I swear to you, we really should win some award for helping the homeless. After much searching and planning, Melanikis and I currently own the exact same Chiawana High School wardrobe. Yes, we need to cut the chord.
Underneath all of this, the truth is, I am exhausted and stressed and seriously contemplating the possibility of assuming a new identity and disappearing into the great abyss.

One day at a time, Sara, one day at a time...


PRP said...

I for one am thrilled you're back!

Glad to see you're focusing on the positives even tough I know how incredibly hard that is to do. You are a great person. More goodness is headed your way!

Mimi said...

Bite your tongue bff, we will never cut the cord. Your life is way to busy but I think it is because your generous heart and your hardworking mind can not get enough of helping people (like talking me through my drama tonight). And yes, you should win an award for housing the homeless. See you in the morning to start taking down week 41!

D's Mix said...

You should add baby-sitting to your list of charitable things you do. My kids gave me a breakdown the other day of all of their babysitters and you my friend, were on the top of the list as their favorite.