Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Confession...

Here's the thing - I wasn't raised in a materialistic home. Our mismatched couches came from garage sales, our silverware came from Goodwill, and to this day, my mother finds no pleasure in shopping for things for her house. I think that's what happens when you've watched your parents literally "give up" all of their posessions in order to come to the United States. And let me make it clear that in Cuba, my mother's parents had LOTS of posessions.

With that said, I'm embarassed to admit that I have an obsession with a possession.

Okay, in all honesty, I have three obsessions with possessions.

#1 - Books. I love them, I need them, I literally surround myself with them. They are my friends and if I am really honest, they are also my trophies. I don't have trophies for any athletic accolades and reading has always been something I am good at. I think I can kick a little ass in reading. And so my books are a non-negotiable. They're staying put, people.

#2 - Dishes. I love dishes. I love dishes that match. I especially love crisp, white dishes and dishes that are accented with red. Perhaps this comes from some deep-rooted feeling of inadequecy, being that in my childhood, our dishes never matched. Never. This is probably why when my mom bought her home several years ago, I bought her a dish set.

And last but not least #3 - Bedding!!! - which is what prompted me to write this post to begin with being that today we purchased a new duvet and new pillows. This particular obsession stems back to "The Sound of Music" and the bed Julie Andrews had. I wanted that bed, I wanted that comforter, and I have worked very hard to get it in my own way.

Books, dishes and bedding. I love them. I confess.

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