Monday, October 12, 2009


My Pullman Checklist:

  • Dinner at New Garden - Check
  • Catching up with my dad - Check
  • Sleeping in until 11 - Check
  • A burger and fries at Cougar Country - Check
  • Watching the Cougs play their version of football - Check
  • Kicking Katy and Trevor's butts in a rousing game of "Life" - Check
  • Sleeping in until 11 once again - Check
  • A quick trip to the Bookie - Check
  • A small green salad with a bread twist at Sella's - Check
  • Enjoying the view of wheat fields and old barns - Double-check


PRP said...

Sounds good to me!!

Mimi said...

Fun! Makes me miss the place. You look freezing by the way!!