Friday, March 15, 2013


I am obsessed. Obsessed with pictures of mamas and their babies.
Even furry mamas and furry babies.
'Cause they're just like us. And this makes me cry the love cry.
You know, the one where you have SO MUCH LOVE flowing through every millimeter of your body that you have to cry to avoid combustion.
I found these on my phone today. I took them a couple of weeks ago at that Natural History Museum, the one where shortly therafter the homeless man walked away with my nacho cheese.
They make me cry the love cry. Most people are drawn to the babies. I stare at the mamas. They are me. I want to talk to them about it and tell them I understand.
Is this normal? At all?
I am starting to think not. Crap.

This one I just want to smooch.
I want to wrap my arms around his furry little body and smooch him right on the lips.
Not normal? Crap again.

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Melanie said...

I love mamas and babies. And dads and babies. And families of all species. Except spiders. That is just gross.