Monday, March 25, 2013

What the Bunny Will Bring

All was good until the children in front of us flipped out. I swear. Noah was so excited to see the bunny that he kept trying to cut in line and photo bomb people's family shots. And then the two little girls in front of us completely and totally melted down when it was their turn to sit on the fuzzy bunny's lap and Noah stepped back. Actually, he turned around and with a look of "You better get me the hell out of this hell-hole," and bolted for the back of the line.
Reason #867 I should be mother of the year: I picked up my panicking child, placed him on the bunny, kicking and screaming, and yelled at the photographer, "Take it! Take it! Take it!"
Nico just stared. At me. At the his dad. At grandma. At the rabbit. In true form, my observer took it all in and for the rest of the day, talked about how Noah cried on the bunny.
Mother. Of. The. Year.
This year, the bunny will bring floss for Nico (Yes, floss. He is obsessed with floss. He took three containers of floss with him to daycare this morning. Three.), a broom for Noah (It's all he ever wanted. He will fight for it to the death), and individual savings accounts for all future therapy bills.

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