Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We have grass!!!

I never thought I would be this excited about growing grass. And for those of you who have naughty, dirty minds, I am talking about the legal stuff here, so let's not even go there. This, my friends, is our grass:

Isn't it cute? Isn't it fuzzy? Don't you just want to hug it and kiss it? I do. It has taken an entire year for this fuzz. It's sort of like giving birth to a child, except the gestational period last 12 freakin' months! Perhaps I am being a little dramatic. I suppose if I was going to be really accurate, the gestational period has been about 3 weeks when we finally had our dirt hydro-seeded, but getting to this point literally started a year ago when Trevor and his brother Gavin ripped out the crabgrass with some fancy, schmancy machine. Don't ask me why we waited so long to actually lay the seed - maybe we're subconsciously afraid of commitment. The point is, we have fuzz! And I love fuzz! I want to hug it and kiss it, yes I do! 

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