Tuesday, May 26, 2009

25 Years and Still Counting!

Last night my mom was recognized for 25 years of teaching for the Richland School District and Trevor and I were there to take pictures and give flowers, just like any proud children would do. In total, she has actually taught for 40 years, which just seems unbelievable to me but is nonetheless true. Check my mother out...

...they gave her this beautiful painting for her years of service. Apparantly at 30 years you get an even bigger painting and at 35 years you get an even bigger, bigger one. I am assuming that at 40 years they will come and paint a mural in your house.

Outside of the whole teaching thing, though, last night got me thinking about my mom and about her ability to survive and persevere. The truth is, 25 years ago my mother packed up her three kids, her furniture, and some boxes of stuff into a U-Haul and left behind the town that marked the end of her marriage to my father. This move was a huge risk. She knew nobody in Richland and had not taught high shool for a little over five years. My mom has often said this was the best move of her life. She raised her kids with peace, established lifelong friendships, and continues to make an impact teaching teenagers a little bit of Spanish. In fact, wherever we go in the Tri-Cities, we run into at least one person who once sat in her classroom and my mother usually remembers their Spanish name. Yes, my mother is indeed amazing.

I am just glad that for once I got to cheer my mother on, as she has always been my number one cheerleader. Here's to my mom...Go, mama, go!

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Mimi said...

Yippie Delia!!!!! I have always heard wonderful things about your mother as a teacher and I certainly think she is a fantastic mom as well.