Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deep Thoughts from High School Students, Entry 2

So I decided to try something new this semester in my Chicano/Latino Literature class and I'm starting to think this "something new" backfired. I created a project and presentation that allowed students to research a Latino music artist or group hoping that #1, they would have fun learning and that #2, I could trick them into analyzing poetry under the guise of music, which all teenagers claim to be experts on anyway.

I know, GENIUS, right?

Well, apparantly not and I have good ol' Miguelito to thank for it.

Miguelito decided to research Shakira. I am sure this doesn't need to be said but Shakira is pretty much any 17-year-old boy's fantasy.

All was going well for the first two minutes. Miguelito presented wonderful information on Shakira's childhood, family background, her break into the music industry, her style of music, and her contributions to the Latino music industry. I must say, I was pretty damn impressed.

And then he clicked to the last slide of his Power Point and this is what I saw: "Last Interesting Fact: Shakira loves chocolate balls." Miguel read this slide with great pride and the rest of the class burst out laughing.

Meanwhile I said, "Miguel, did you really just say 'Shakira loves chocolate balls'"?

"Yes," Miguelito said. "That is very important to know."

God help us all.


Mimi said...

Ohhhh Miguelito! He is just too precious! For the record, I don't believe a child declaring the importance of chocolate balls as pivotal in an artist life to be a flop! I saw your kids level of engagement and I know it helped them appreciate music as literature!!! I love these installments... keep em coming.

Bella Mente said...

hahah.. i love it!